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E3D Cyclops Dual Filament Hotend

Prusa Mk3

My stock 4010 blower fan mod on top of the 5015 plenum always bothered me. The duct was originally engineered around the 5015 centrifugal. With the 4010 blower on top of the 5015 duct, although better than the stock setup was sub par for my liking. I decided to design a duct to maximize the little stock 4010 blowers potential. The Bullseye does not have the performance of my full blown Petsfang v2 5015 mod but in testing I was pleasantly surprised. Visit the "Testing Videos" for some of my performance testing of the Bullseye. Thanks for your support.  Dave

BondTech Direct Extruder for Stock and E3Dv6 Hot End